Friday, January 14, 2011

Insulin shot excuse just insane

Two New York teachers, both women, were recently caught in a very compromising position on school grounds, while the pupils were in the auditorium. The janitor apparently spotted the women, aged 30 and 34, getting very up close and personal with one another. It's caused quite a stir and of course, the education department was not at all pleased. It has fired both women: first the Spanish teacher, and then this week, the French teacher - finding them guilty of gross misconduct. The Spanish teacher apparently claimed the incident in question was all very innocent. She said she is diabetic and had invited the French teacher into the classroom to check her blood sugar levels, and give her an insulin shot. Definitely no French kissing took place, she maintained.

Check out the rest of it here. You're going to wish she'd thought this through a little more before saying anything!