Friday, August 29, 2008

Would you like that 'normal' sir?

I've just returned from a most amusing dinner out at a Durban restaurant. It's a trendy pizza place (should I name it?) and it was, as I say, a most humourous evening - for all the wrong reasons!

Close friends of mine had wanted to introduce me to friends of theirs, and the couple in question was just lovely: witty and warm. They're also into their food, and when the sewerage smell started wafting towards us the first time, it was a little embarrassing. Sadly, that terrible smell continued to waft in (dominate) throughout the entire evening and the friend of a friend summed it up when he said: "Hey, shit happens!"

The second clanger of the evening was when the young blond male waiter, who obviously sensed the table was full of queens (barring me of course! I was the only real girl in the house) came to get the money. Two of us paid by credit card, which he did niftily at the table with one of those bluetooth machines. He first processed one of the queen's cards, and did not quite know what to say when it came time to ask him if he wanted it budget or straight, and so he said: "Would you like that er... normal?"

'No,' the queen answered, 'straight, please'!

I tell you what, there wasn't a straight face at the table!

Anne Heche must be green with envy!

When I read that Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi had exchanged vows at their L.A home, my immediate thought was: how must Anne have felt? Looking at the gorgeous pics, the term: ''green with envy' came to mind!

Ellen is my hero from her coming out episode in her legendary sitcom back in about 1997/8. If you've seen "Ellen: In the Beginning" you will see how she describes how she suffered, career wise, as a result of her bravery. Even Hollywood was not ready for a dyke, it seems!

That's why I was so pleased to see how lovely they both looked. I also love the fact that it was the cover story on People Magazine and it was presented in a tasteful, non-sensational manner.

Was a little surprised to see that Ellen is 50 (50 is the new 40!) and that Portia is only 35.

All I hope now, is that they manage to stay together. A gay 'divorce' is not what we need from this union. Show 'em we can do commitment! You go girls!