Friday, August 29, 2008

Anne Heche must be green with envy!

When I read that Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi had exchanged vows at their L.A home, my immediate thought was: how must Anne have felt? Looking at the gorgeous pics, the term: ''green with envy' came to mind!

Ellen is my hero from her coming out episode in her legendary sitcom back in about 1997/8. If you've seen "Ellen: In the Beginning" you will see how she describes how she suffered, career wise, as a result of her bravery. Even Hollywood was not ready for a dyke, it seems!

That's why I was so pleased to see how lovely they both looked. I also love the fact that it was the cover story on People Magazine and it was presented in a tasteful, non-sensational manner.

Was a little surprised to see that Ellen is 50 (50 is the new 40!) and that Portia is only 35.

All I hope now, is that they manage to stay together. A gay 'divorce' is not what we need from this union. Show 'em we can do commitment! You go girls!

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