Monday, May 12, 2008

Very blind...

They don't call them 'blind dates' for nothing! And boy, can they be a leveler. Let me explain. Over the years, friends have tried to set me up with a 'blind date' and over the years, I have resisted. Until recently that is, when I realised that unless I took any and every available lead, I may end up needing to invest in a Q-20 company. And so I said 'yes' and they set me up. And boy, oh boy, has it been interesting - to say the least. You think someone knows you until they set you up with someone. Then you get to the dinner / coffee/ drink venue and you sit across from the 'blind date' and you start to have a mental dialogue with the person formerly known as 'friend'. 'How can you do this to me?' has been a phrase that's crossed my mind on more than one occasion. 'Are you bloody mad?' is another. All the while, I've sat through the very bloody blind date, making cute conversation about what a good friend the common bloody betrayer is, and trying to think how I'm going to get away from this situation without hurting anyone in the process. In fairness, the 'blind date' is probably thinking the exact same thing and we could probably have a grand old laugh at the expense of our 'common' friend who thought we'd be good together.

Oh dear. It hasn't been too fruitful yet. Although I do persist, just in case one day, there is a real gem I'd kick myself for not meeting.

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