Monday, June 16, 2008

Step to it....

I hate to only write something on this blog after watching a TV programme (like I've done with Terminator, the L Word and others) but... I've just watched the third episode of Army Wives and there was a little scene between two of the main characters, Claudia Joy and Denise (Kim Delaney and Catherine Bell of JAG) and that made me think it could just head into lesbian turf down the line. It got my attention enough to send me to the Internet, Googling 'Army Wives lesbian' and while there doesn't seem to be any gay sub-plot down the line (sob, sob) I was glad to see I'm not the only one to have had this thought.
Check out this 'what if' montage on You Tube which manipulates scenes to make it very, very gay..
Oh and before you get there, consider this: how plausible the love relationship seems between these two women -- the acting and script really is quite good on how close and intimate women are with one another.

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ym said...

Have I told you about The Wire - US TV cop drama - where there is a black lesbian detective AND a black gay drug dealing gansta...! Wow.