Friday, July 27, 2007

Durban - get with it!

I've just had a wonderful dinner out with close friends at Cafe 1999 in Silverton Road - Durban. Great restaurant (albeit a bit expensive). We had a really fun evening (as we always do) and could easily have gone on to another venue for a nightcap, except that in Durban there is nowhere really to go. Nowhere gay that it.

Imagine that. A whole bunch of gays and lesbians looking for a place to have a coffee and a perv and there's nowhere suitable or dedicated to gay people. Not that I'm suggesting we need to be quarantined, but come on, why isn't the Pink Rand commanding some respect?

Beanbag Bohemia is gay friendly, supposedly, but it's not gay. We need a more upmarket version of the old Garth's coffee bar in Avonmore Centre. Come on Durbanites, there's got to be someone with the dosh and the vision to get this going. Where do mature (and by that I mean over 30) people meet one another if not in this kind of setting?

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D&L said...

Hi there; great to see more Durban gay people writing about it. Check out We will ad you as a link. Dave