Monday, July 20, 2009

God bless Google

If you think about it, our Internet service providers probably know more about us than our good friends. If they wanted to snoop, they'd know our most private information. Consider what you've searched for recently on Google, for example.

My own search history would make my mother blush and my gynae laugh. In my baby-making quest (artificial insemination route) I've gone back to Biology 101, and I've generally been amazed at how little the average person, myself included, knows about fertilisation and fertility in general.

Recent embarrassing search entries have included: 'how to know when you're fertile', 'what is a basal body chart', 'eating right to fall pregnant', 'how long does sperm last', 'how long does frozen sperm last', 'how do you defrost sperm', 'how long does an egg survive', 'how does artificial insemination work', 'ovulation' and 'fallopian tubes'.

And that's just for starters. After my first insemination I found myself really scraping the Google barrel: 'time it takes to fertilise an egg', and 'will the sperm run out in urine'. Ho, ho, ho - at least I still have a sense of humour about it, but when you're spending thousands a try, you find yourself asking a lot of questions. All I can say is thank goodness Google is there to answer me, because I wouldn't even like to say some of these things out loud! By the time this is all over, I will be a mini-expert in a lot of strange areas!

Now I've just got one final google tonight: 'why is A.I sperm pink?' :-)

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