Sunday, August 12, 2007

Fascinating objects of desire?

Lesbians remain a source of fascination for many men. We're viewed with amusement by some; while others are in awe of us - hoping to catch a bit of the action if they play their cards right.
Ironic really. The last thing most women loving women want to do is play in the male fantasy arena. We are who we are simply because that is the way things are. Nothing more and nothing less. So, in short, we are not likely to play in the male arena. Ever. Most of us anyway. Those that do require another label, perhaps? Straight. Insecure. Bi?
You choose.
Isn't it interesting that most women don't sit and fantasize about getting in between two gay men - in bed. I've never once heard a female friend say something like 'Jeez, Tom and Dick are such a hot couple, I'd like to get in the middle of those two!'
Nope, it doesn't happen. We would rather be heard saying: 'Tom and Dick have such a gorgeous home. I do hope they can help me with my lounge curtains, like they've offered. It would be such a help.'
Think of the average conversation between two male buddies about Delia and Jackie, the couple from down the hall. Ja right, I rest my case!
Pity more straight men out there aren't thinking like women (or like gay men!). We'd have more respect in our world, more communication and better looking lounge curtains!

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CYW said...

i'm sure there are straight, bi and even gay women out there have fantasized about getting between 2 hot gay men. Fantasies are not to be judged right.
i'm not one of those women but i've spoken to some who have.